Welcome to Electrom Web Shop

Welcome to a web-shop ELECTROM. Our product list consists from different models of folded electric bicycles brands ELECTROM , produced in Slovenia, parts for electric bikes and accessories, e-kits for bicycles and customed electric e-bikes conversions.

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Electrom - electric bicycles and accessories

  • Bauer bike center Ljubljana
  • TECA Caravan Ljubljana
  • OVEN Elektro Maribor, d.o.o.
  • Selmar BMW Celje
  • Nikina Nautica Kranj
Welcome to Electrom Web Shop


Our products are distributed in Slovenia by following companies

- TECA Caravan, Cesta Ljubljanske brigade 9, Ljubljana : http://www.caravan.si/index.php

- Selmar BMW Celje , Mariborska cesta 119, Celje : http://www.selmar.si/celje/

- OVEN Elektro Maribor, Grajski trg 1, Maribor : http://www.oven-em.si/podjetje/infotocka/